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A member of the math, science, and computer clubs, she was the person to go to for tutoring help.

Willow was ridiculed by her more popular classmates, including cheerleaders Cordelia Chase and Harmony Kendall.

After discovering Xander's relationship with Cordelia when she caught them kissing, a heartbroken Willow angrily expressed her shock and disgust that Xander would involve himself with someone like Cordelia before her, further strengthening her assertiveness and pride.

She then quickly decided to move on, starting a romantic relationship with Oz, a guitarist in the local band Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Milestones in her magical career include the enjoining spell, taking on the Hell-Goddess Glory and surviving, resurrecting Buffy Summers, nearly ending the world, activating the world's Potential Slayers and eventually, establishing herself as her dimension's most powerful witch.

Willow Rosenberg was born to Sheila and Ira Rosenberg.

Willow was introduced to the forces of magic by attempting a complex spell to re-ensoul Angel.

Willow agreed to teach her classes for the rest of the year.

During this time, she went through her former favorite teacher's belongings, dabbling in magic.

During Halloween when everyone literally became what their costumes were from Ethan Rayne's Costume Shop, Buffy and Xander were given different mind-sets, leaving the ghostly Willow to take initiative and assign for Giles' help while wearing skimpy outfit that Buffy before hence encouraged her to put on to impress Xander, though she kept it hidden a ghost costume that she abandoned while becoming a ghost.

Also, when Buffy lied to Giles so she could hold off her slayer duties to attend a college frat party, Willow burst out in a fit of guilt yet also judging Giles for not allowing Buffy to have time for herself and Angel for not bothering to make time for her.

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